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A warm welcome to the official fan site of Miriam Wolanski. Here you can find information on the internationally recognised
Scottish aerialist and model who has pioneered, expressed and breathed life into her art throughout many unique sources. Miriam has pushed boundaries and scooped numerous awards for entrepreneurship and innovation. View her photos, videos
and book her for a variety of events and assignments.

About Miriam

Miriam is an exceptional multi-talented artist specialising in aerial performance and tuition (Static and Floating Pole: Hoop: Corde Lisse: Silks) Choreography and Modelling. Miriam’s modelling covers a wide range of genres including Artistic: Health and Fitness: Lingerie: Swimwear and Fashion. To view a range of images click here or to book Miriam for a modelling assignment click here

Our DRAGONfly is an unparalleled fitness tutor hailed for her original, avant-garde and unique approach to educating people of all different ages, genders, shapes and sizes on pole and aerial equipment. Renowned for patience and confidence building Miriam can tutor even those who consider themselves the most difficult of learning. To view further details on Miriam’s tutorials click here.

Miriam is in her element whilst flying. She enjoys performing just as much as tutoring. She can be booked for a huge variety of events. Miriam has performed hundreds of times in public, a few of those to be named include: Worlds First Pole Cup, Rio de janeiro, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Edinburgh Zoo, Civic Hall, Essex, Stirling Fringe Festival, Stirling Highland Games, Macroberts Arts Centre and coming up in early 2015 the Australian Pole Convention and boat cruise performance. Miriam also aids a variety of local community and charity events providing equipment and performers to create something truly unique for each event.

To book Miriam for public performance click here or to make an enquiry please visit the Catch DRAGONfly page of this website to fill out the contact form.

History of the DRAGONfly

Miriam has blazed a trail with her classes, founding and pioneering Wolanski’s Pole & Aerial Fitness in early 2005. She opened the first dedicated pole fit school in Scotland, welcoming males and females with no age restrictions. Since then she has trained in a variety of aerial disciplines and now teaches and continues to develop on many aerial arts. Miriam holds all relevant professional insurances and has received athletic sponsorship from Poletrition and SUMO Therapies.

With over 10 years’ teaching experience: qualified with B.Sc. (Hons) Biological Science: Xpert Pole and Fitness Professional Certified (Levels 1: 2: 3: 4): Rigging for Aerial Performance: Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) and Sports Injuries First Aid Certified, Miriam is equipped to the highest level to ensure your safety: your clients safety and also the enjoyment of tutoring and performance.

Self-proclaimed Science Geek Miriam is constantly observing behavioural attributes of students in order to assist and allow her participants to get the most from their time in class. Miriam collects her own data and enjoys researching the benefits of aerial work: specifically the benefits of pole fit. Miriam works alongside many students who choose to select sport: pole and aerial fitness as part of their assignments: essays and research programmes: she actively helps participants with their core topics amongst which include the Duke of Edinburgh Awards. Support and references are provided for those undertaking a variety of assessments.

Modelling – From a very young age Miriam has experimented and been involved in many modelling assignments including studio based and outdoor shoots. The latter few years she has focused on the diversity of artistic expression through aerial work. Miriam has featured in several websites: promotional material: magazines and newspapers including Pole2Pole Magazine: the Daily Mail: The Scottish Sun: The Observer: Falkirk Herald: Fringe Festival guide and many more. She is now open for more modelling assignments working in a variety of different mediums.

Miriam juggles not only tutoring: modelling and performance time but she also assists performers in choreography: works as a part time free style dancer and assists with theatrical production including The Halloween Awakening and The Time-Travelling emporium both of which featured at the macrobert arts centre.

Wondering about the name?

Miriam was born in Scotland but decided to name her business after her Polish grandfather Kazimierz Wolanski. My Papa was a very fun, intelligent, giving and strong person and those are the characteristics I base my classes on. Participants are taught in a friendly and safe environment. They are encouraged to help each other and learn a new art while having fun.

Miriam wishes to thank all her participants and for those who work hard in the background to help with equipment: show preparation and rigging. “The work involved is monumental and I want everyone involved to know that it’s never taken for granted. In particular, thanks to Karolina Wolanski: Martin MacKay: and our Rigger Mortis!”

Awards, Certification & Qualifications
B.Sc. (Hons) Biological Science: 2008 - Finalist at the World Pole Cup: Brazil International Professional Category: 2011 - Youth Business Scotland Regional Award Winner: 2012 - Best of Falkirk Award Winner: 2013 - IRATA Level 1 Rope Technician: 2013 - Best of Falkirk: Most Loved Award Winner: 2014 - Xpert Pole Fitness: Levels 1: 2: 3: 4 2012: 2014 - Rigging for Aerial Performance: 2014 - Fully Insured Tutor: Performer and Supervisor: To Date.


I have contacted a few different organisations that may be interested in doing a sponsorship programme; they are going to have a look at the site first to make a decision; pending their decision the below content is subject to change.

Affiliates & Sponsorship Programme
A huge thank you our affiliates and sponsors. Our DRAGONfly is always open to suggestions and if you would like to make the connection and become an affiliate or sponsor Miriam then please use the Catch DRAGONfly contact form with your enquiries and to receive details.

With thanks to Brian Vass for his wonderful photography skills. brianvass.co.uk - Brian Vass. Please also visit and Like www.facebook.com/dancepolebrianvass

With thanks to Health Works Clinic; for supporting and aiding research into the physical demands and implications of Miriam’s pole & aerial work. Healthworksclinic.org.uk or call - 01324 227077.

Health Works Declaration:
“As a clinic we see and deal with many types of injuries that, in the case of sporting injuries, could have been prevented by listening to advice from a good coach, proper warming up, stretching and cooling down regimes, nutritional advice and by taking responsibility for health and wellbeing. HealthWorks Clinic can therefore only recommend Wolanski’s Pole & Aerial Fitness as the best environment for anyone to learn safely by being under the tutorage of Miriam Wolanski, a highly skilled professional who is so aware of her student’s safety and more importantly of her student’s physical status”.
Dr Andrew Robertson MB MChiro

To book or make an enquiry about Miriam visit the Catch Dragonfly page on this site:
hurry though she never has her wings on the ground for long!


For tuition and more information on pole & aerial fitness visit www.wolanskispolefitness.co.uk

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